A case of “more than you can ask or think”…

Sometimes things happen in life that are so out of left field and unexpected that all you can do is step back, scratch your head, and marvel at how people and events work in concert, often unknowingly.

A few days ago I received an unexpected e-mail from a friend.  The e-mail explained that the news component of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) had recently interviewed Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor at National Community Church (NCC), for a story on how many who attend  NCC come from divergent political backgrounds, work on Capitol Hill, and are able to worship together and build community with one another.  Sadly, it’s something that most think isn’t possible in our nation’s capital.  During the interview a small group that I co-lead (of Hill staffers who attend NCC) was mentioned.  As a result, CBN is now going to interview my co-leader Juliana and myself this afternoon at 2 pm.

But the story only begins there!  Last evening I went to a going away event for some friends from NCC (one of whom works at CBN).  As we’re sitting there talking, who should arrive to join our gathering?     The individual who is conducting today’s interview!  Long story short we ended up getting to have dinner together and talked all about what’s intended with this story and it was fantastic.

The Apostle Paul gives a solid glimpse into the orchestration of the cosmos by the Creator and Master of the Universe in Ephesians 3:20 when he says “Now to Him who can do more than you can ask or imagine…”  Han Solo or not, I can imagine quite a bit…but I’d never have thought to ask for what happened last night or imagined it could.  Sounds a lot like the story of how the FENX ended up on NBC Nightly News a few years back.

Much to learn, I still have…

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