A Resurrection Story…

It’s been years since I’ve been able to write – and wonder – in this space. It’s taken both time and patience to resurrect it (particularly without a Lazarus Pit) .  Fortunately, as Tolstoy observed in War and Peace – time and patience are the strongest warriors. But fostering Patience in a time of instant gratification has become a lost art. All the more contrasted in a time of slowness and solitude amidst COVID-19 cautiousness…

A New Direction

Since then, I’ve continued writing but focusing on a different project: writing a book. In 20 15 I received an e-mail from Jon Acuff – you know, the author – endorsing Author Launch.  Author Launch was a video and workbook curriculum guiding would-be authors through the entire process of writing/publishing a book.  From dreaming to outlining, drafting to editing, publishing to marketing, it covered all aspects of the creative process.  

My conscience quietly prompted: “you need to do this, get started”.  As often happens with the heroic characters in the great stories, the call comes and they resist (think Luke Skywalker, Frodo Baggins, Alex Rogan or even Moses and Jeremiah  in the Bible). They resist because they think someone else is better qualified. My resistance was no different (nor was it any less futile).

Lingering Words…

In college I had a professor who told me I had a story to tell and the writing talent, to tell it.  Turns out he deserves credit I never gave him. In the midst of my resistance, two questions emerged that became the catalyst for this ongoing journey. First, “Was I willing to engage in an act of obedience to Someone or Something else, outside myself?” and “Did I want to live with the inevitable regret of this having been unfinished – or never started – as I lay dying at some point in the future?”

While both questions are weighty, the respective answers were “yes” and never”. I wrote/assembled the first draft in six months in 2015. Subsequently, an arduous editing and revising process continued until earlier this year.

It’s taken a copious amount of both time and patience – but especially the latter – to silence my inner critic. I often refer to it as “The Demogorgon” from Stranger Things. A pastor friend, and author, told me these projects are harder and take longer than we would like.  Turns out that was accurate, and I’m not even close to finished with something read-able. 

Concurrently, I read Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson (who, in full disclosure, is my pastor). One line of text burrowed itself deep: “it’s not about walking out of the publisher’s office with a signed contract as much as it’s about walking in with the best manuscript possible”.  I remind my inner critic of this truth, only sometimes to its silence.  

Facing the Unexpected

Two and a half months ago this dream project was dealt a nearly-mortal blow. my aunt Anita – editor, cheerleader, and co-conspirator – died of a heart attack in her early 60’s. It’s a loss I am still processing, as I navigate life without my second Mom and one of the dearest souls I’ve ever known. This is a place I never expected to be, a story I never expected to live so soon. She and I had a dream of seeing these words go unimaginable places, the world over, and it remains unfinished. Even when that day comes, it won’t be what I’d imagined because she’s not here to share it with.      

I don’t know when I’ll pick up the pen again, but I know I have to. Thousands of her words live in me now, and the world needs them. Because no one’s ever completely gone, and the dream is only mostly dead, no matter how much life Countess Death tries to steal. Therefore, here’s to Time and Patience, the strongest of all warriors, joining my party on this quest to defeat the inner critic and mock Death – clever girl that she is – by  eventually laying hold of the published prize: my own version of George McFly’s author moment in Back to the Future.

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  1. Colleen Ayres-Petering

    Oh, Aaron, I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt, Anita! We worked together at a Christian book store at least one hundred years ago, and I just loved her! I’ve thought of her often over the years with great fondness. I’ll be praying for you, and I look forward to seeing her again in the Great There.

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