An Age of Miracles

I never thought I’d see a day when a pastor might use a Captain America movie as a sermon illustration.  Nevertheless, it happened recently on a bright and sunny Sunday morning; it happened on Easter Sunday.

As I sat in theater seats on Easter Sunday at National Community Church, something unexpected happened:  Mark Batterson began talking about his recent viewing of Captain America:  Winter Solider.  While not delving too much into the movie plot, he noted the prevalence of “Skeletors” in Marvel Studios films.  “Skeletors” are secret scene(s) after a partial/full credits roll, named after a post credits scene in Masters of the Universe in 1987.  Pastor Mark went to to mention how people often leave the theater as the credits roll, before the story really ends, and likening that to the events celebrated at Easter (namely, Christ’s resurrection and how the story doesn’t end with His crucifixion).

 At this point, I thought – hoped – things might go one step further and the contents of the mid-credits scene in Winter Solider would be part of the sermon.  In the scene, Barron Wolfgang Von Strucker, a fellow member of Hydra and new character to most movie attendees, is discussing with a doctor Hydra’s continuing work around the world.  In so doing, he mentions that “we live in an Age of Miracles”.  As the camera pans away from Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker it cuts to focus on the individuals in the room whom are proof of such miracles: the twins, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, known as Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch (who are slated to appear in Avengers:  Age of Ultron, as is Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker).  The Baron seems to indicate that an Age of Miracles presently exists because of these two characters or that they are proof of such an time.

As I sat hoping I’d hear about the Baron and the Twins from the pulpit, I couldn’t help but make the connection myself that I had hoped to hear:  just as post-credit scenes in Marvel movies are always an indicator that they story is continuing even as – or after – the credits roll, the comment about the Age of Miracles can also be seen anew in light of Easter and the celebrated resurrection.  Just as the Twins seem to be the catalyst – and/or proof – of such an age in Marvel Cinematic Universe, Christ’s resurrection ushered in it’s own Age of Miracles in that sin, death, and Satan were defeated and the word “impossible” erased.  The resurrection ushered in an age of relationship with God through Christ and His Finished work, access to the Most Holy Place; symbolized by the tearing of the curtain in the temple, and the Power of the Holy Spirit available to believers (Acts 2).  To paraphrase Rhino the Hamster from the film Bolt: the impossible, became possible, because Christ IS Awesome.

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