Abandoning Smartphone Apps for Bacon?!

Might there ever come a day when wired humanity abandons it technological interconnectedness? Might there come a time when the emerging field of “personal meta-data” is considered passe?  It could come about because of one thing:  BACON!

I recently read an article in Wired that both fascinates and terrifies me.  The author talked about the advancements in interconnected personal data to track one’s health via smartphone apps and tracking devices (i.e. the Fit Bit, Nike Fuelband, or Jawbone UP) and how they don’t do enough because the metrics tracked are often tracked it in isolation (heart rate, steps walked, calories burned).  Nevertheless, the author encourages, the days of fitness facets tracked in isolation may be over thanks to a new app on the horizon called “Healthbook”.

Supposedly, this new app will track metrics such as blood pressure and blood sugar levels in addition to the standard metrics tracked (sleep, heart-rate, steps walked, calories burned).  Whether this app allows for these metrics to cross-pollinate remains to be seen.  If not, the author opines that there needs to be one.

All of this techno-talk and health monitoring wight lead someone to think I might be envisioning the health version of Skynet; think less Terminator and more The Island (a 2005 Michael Bay film set in a technological future involving cloning).  In The Island, all aspects of heath are monitored via human waste to ensure top physical fitness.  The main character awakens one day, undergoes health monitoring, and is discovered to have too much sodium in his system.  Instead of warning him of the dangers of kidney stone formation, allowing him to make his own choice, he is denied bacon at breakfast because someone adheres to the results of the subject’s health analysis.  Let me repeat that:  he is denied bacon.

While we aren’t there yet, could a day come where our fitness tracking technology, as part of the internet of things, attempts to work with connected appliances to prevent us from consuming things we enjoy because they aren’t healthy for us?  Would that require some sort of “Skynet” intelligence or would it just be an operation outcome of what all these devices are programed to do?  Hopefully not.

Presently, all this health tracking happens most often via smartphones and apps connected to wearable devices.  Would you abandon a practice and shun aspects of technology if it threatened something you enjoyed and held dear?  Would forego the pocket computer society has desired since the hay-day of Star Trek:  The Next Generation in the late eighties and early nineties?

In the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, lead vocalist Stephen “The Talent” Stiles asks bassist Scott Pilgrim to participate in a show where their band opens for The Clash at Demonhead (his ex-girlfriend’s band).  Pilgrim resists until Stiles asks him to “do it for the band, for the band”.  I suggested an altered idea:  do it for the bacon.  Abandon smart device control…FOR THE BACON!

Ron Swanson would.

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  1. Don Trachsel

    Did you mean Michael Bay or Michael Bloomberg’s? jk
    With the government overreach these days, aka obamacare, we may need to make that choice. Americans are sheep, myself included many times. We would rather let someone else make the call for us as long as we do not loose too many perks.

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