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Jon Acuff recently launched his new blog and one of the new posts focuses on being who you are, not who you’re supposed to be.  I thought it was a good post that felt a bit like Joel Clark’s Awake and Donald Miller’s Million Miles in a Thousand Years (the Donald Miller book I thought I would never read).  As I read, I came to realize that in various shapes (and posts on this blog) I actually have a take on this that is uniquely Welty…

A few years ago something happened that I’ll never forget, something that’s turned into one of the most told, telling, and amusing life stories I have.  The short version is that a friend of mine that I used to work with on Capitol Hill came to me one day and told me I didn’t make sense to him.  I asked why and his answer covered my hill experience, my disability, my love for all things geek, epic, and hero-ish, and The FENX.  Admitting I was astonishingly guilty on all counts – and happily so – it lead to a deeper conversation wherein I told him the problem wasn’t me, but the mental cubby-holes he stored things in (and that he’d probably have to create a new one just for me).   I explained that I was much less interested in conforming to a cultural mold and much more interested in being who I was created to be (a journey of never-ending discovery that often becomes a grand Quest).  At the time I didn’t understand the significance this conversation would have and probably still don’t, entirely.  Nevertheless, I began to understand how confounding I can be to, well, many.

Back then, I didn’t understand the depth and influence of what Paul wrote in 1 Cor 1:27 about the foolish things, the weak things, the things that are not, and the power they have over the wise, the strong, and the things that are.  Thanks to X-Wings and Foolish Muppets, I began to see the truth of it; I began to glimpse the power that Mystery holds, that “Confounders” have.  Confounders are the ones who cause others to scratch their heads at the mystery that resides within them, it draws people in.  Confounders are the ones who allow some to glimpse what is under the helmet.

It’s easier to be Iron Man than to be Tony Stark, much less show the latter to others.  That is one of the brilliant things about Iron Man 3:  Stark spends so much of it as Stark – outside the suit – so the challenge given him by Captain America in Avengers – what are you without the suit? – actually happens; we see what he is without the armor.  Armor projects and protects, but it often inhibits.  It is the inner man/woman that is the confounding mystery to many when/if they see it.

In the Firefly pilot- ironically titled Serenity –  Shepard Book comments that he is fascinated by Captain Malcolm Reynolds because he is something of a mystery.  He then asks Inara why she too is drawn to him and she says: “because so few men are”.  Be like the Captain  and confound the ‘verse around you, be the mystery that draws people in; you won’t be lonely or bored if you do.

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  1. John Leger

    Fantastic observations! Love it.

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