Beginning the Aqua Quest

The yellow sun cast a small shadow on the endless expanse of sand as the waves crashed again and again.  In the midst of island paradise the shadow slowly moved as two two hands flexed into claws and inch by inch a young blonde boy fought to overcome the waves and the deadly undertow.  Pulling, pulling, pulling, further from the safety of the sand as if the armored Dark Lord of the Sith was hidden amongst the crashing waves and calling upon the Dark Side to simultaneously choke him and pull him away. Resisting, one arm and leg after the other, the only thought survival.  With every inch less water, the sandy discoloration beings to lighten; exhausted but safe.  The wicked white waves would not win the day.

Twenty years ago I visited the Hawaiian islands with my parents and extended family.  During that 10 day island-hopping adventure my parents went on their SCUBA certification dive.  At 11 years old, not only was I too young but the idea of actually doing what they were, with all the course work and training that went into it, was just too far removed.  A handful of years later, my brother and cousins  underwent the same coursework, training, and certification in a different tropical environment.  Again, I was no where to be found because the idea was still too far removed; it just wasn’t feasible,  and considered all but impossible.

A few years ago that began to change as I came in contact with a man named Zack Arnold and the story he had to tell about his friend Chris, the first quadriplegic to ever be certified for open water scuba-diving.  As I got more involved in the project, saw clips of what Chris accomplished, and attended rough-cut and premiere screenings of the film Zack created that chronicles Chris’s life, the realization cemented that this was more than possible for me and the excuses began to disappear like Alderaan; millions of fears crying out in terror but were suddenly silenced.

Nevertheless, just as there are small number of survivors of the destruction of Alderann in the Star Wars universe, some of these fears still live in hidden dark corners, wishing to go unnoticed.  But they have been warned and put on notice.  Last weekend I took my first step into a larger world and registered for an introductory SCUBA class that will – hopefully – happen in a few days.  Am I nervous?  Yes.  Are some of those remaining fears hoping to get the best of me as I step out of my sphere and attempt this? Probably.  Do I feel unqualified for this and afraid I’ll fail? Absolutely.  I’m going to do it anyway.

As I sat in a theater seat this past week on Barrack’s Row and listened to someone far wiser than I talk about the Sufficiency of Grace that the Apostle Paul confronted and embraced in his own infirmity, I couldn’t help but think about what that means in the confines of a pool with a metal tank strapped to me.  Grace is sufficient, Grace is enough to succeed in this; Grace is enough to ward off the whispers that hide in the dark recesses, fears born out of a island experience from childhood.   If Power is made Perfect in weakness, then there is a much opportunity for Jesus to work and be glorified, because I am so very weak.

I may not know what will come of this, but I’m excited to see what happens and to be able to look back and marvel at what He will have done (and I’d like almost two years of near-consistent training to prepare to not have been for naught).

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  1. Ian K.

    I know this is silly but this makes me both so happy and a little teary eyed. Live the dream brother!

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