Capitol Hill Internships: A place of Wisdom and Knowledge from the Congressional Professionals

As summer descends on our Nation’s capitol, and brings with it the heat and humility the city annually dreads, a new class of Congressional interns also make their way to Congress for what they hope will be a transformational and life-changing encounter with democracy.  In light of this, by friend Carlos Reyes has launched a new website, Capitol Hill Internship.

It’s a nexus for wisdom and knowledge not only passed on from current and former staff to interns, but also a place for interns to interface with one another and share what they are learning.  For those who have walked in an intern’s shoes before and brandished the “Red Badge of Courage” at one time or another think of all the things you wished you knew then that you know now.  This site aims to help the new class of interns along by providing guidance as the political and policy padawans navigate this new terrain.  It’s a form of digital mentoring.

As such, I was asked to write a few articles for the new venture, drawing from 6 years of hiring, training, and managing a small army of eager talent.  Over the next month or so I’ll be cross posting an article each week that I penned for the site.

To the new class I simply say, “enjoy this adventure, you’re not alone in it”.


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