Clone Wars and Theology: A Foolish Muppet’s Hope

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All good things must come to an end, right?  That’s what the series finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation tired to teach me when I was younger; it failed. Sometimes things that are a long time in coming never happen because if they did, that end would come.  It’s akin to reaching Ganon at the end of Level 9 – Death Mountain – in the original Legend of Zelda (LoZ) but never defeating him (because if you did, the adventure would end); or Gannondorf in the Dark Castle at the end of Ocarina of Time if you prefer LoZ in three dimensions.    Sometimes, this even applies to the Star Wars universe.

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Be The Story Others Tell

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What do Christopher Nolan, George Lucas, Dave Filoni, Frank Peretti, J.J. Abrams, Joss Whedon, and Patrick Scott all have in common?  They’re fantastic storytellers.  They’re also the different people I can easily rattle off as the ones I sometimes wish I could be, and then I remember that I’m something other than that.

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When God allows you to grapple…

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School lunch tables, brown and worn, sat empty as the sunlight beamed into the elongated building beaten and worn by season after season of north-eastern weather in the wilderness.  The air was still from the outside, as the only discernible movement of molecules came from the half-dozen or more fans turning overhead.  Alone, the area felt like a ghost-town.

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The Foolish Muppet

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Foolish (adj):  silly or ridiculous; lacking good sense or judgment.

He is small.  He is slow, walking with the aid of a stick.  Oldness exudes from his being. His complexion is a sickly grey-green.  Moreover, he’s a Muppet!  No, he’s not a frog, nor is his name Kermit, but I think they’d have been great friends in a “crossing the streams” sort of way; they do both like to hang out in swamps, after all.  I can imagine them patiently fishing together and the amphibian chiding the other for his terrible lack of lyrical skills as they attempt to sing a duet of “Rainbow Connection”.

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My One Word: Dependence

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A few months ago, I found myself fulfilling one of the smaller things in life I wanted to accomplish:  ride the new Star Tours (Star Wars) ride at Disney Hollywood Studios with my brother.  Having visited Disney World late last year to experience the ride, the circle just wasn’t complete without him there.  Over the course of the weekend in Florida, where I actually crossed path with a friend that I met at Disney last year, I found myself reflecting on where life was one year ago and much that had happened since.  A year ago the occupational component of my life went into a tail-spin as I got to see what a congressional scandal looks like from a vantage point that – while not first row and behind the class at center ice – was far closer than I ever wanted.  When the “situation couldn’t get worse” it did, twice over.   At one of the highest points of life, seeing 25 incredible teenage leaders be bequeathed the mantle of Reborn Ranger, one of the worst things happened:  my job was being taken from me and I was powerless to arrest that development.  I had shared with the Rangers about having spent 30 years learning how to be dependent, and now they were seeing me have to live it.

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Planetfall and the Wisdom of Kenobi

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“In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck” – Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars Episode IV:  A New Hope

Recently, I attended an event held by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, called PlanetfallPlanetfall is actually a book of composite digital images that an artist created from source material gathered by various NASA satellites used to photograph planets in our solar system.

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The Professor and the Jedi Master…

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“Sometimes, being Yoda sucks; you can quote me on that” – Me to a friend as I slowly, stiffly, and not without help, walked out of the movie theater last weekend.

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A case of “more than you can ask or think”…

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Sometimes things happen in life that are so out of left field and unexpected that all you can do is step back, scratch your head, and marvel at how people and events work in concert, often unknowingly.

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Star Tours 2: The Fanboy Returns

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In the wake of relinquishing my job and shutting down a Congressional office on Capitol Hill, I travelled to Orlando, FL to be in the wedding of my friends Josh and Terri Shepherd.  After the four day “wedding adventure”, I happened to have a free day in Orlando before meeting my grandma and driving to her house in Naples, FL the next day.  What to do with a free day?  As a Star Wars fanboy there was little choice actually, knowing that the new Star Tours ride was within traveling distance by public transportation.  Resolved to visit Disney Hollywood Studios and check the new Star Wars experience off my bucket list, I hopped on a shuttle to the airport.  In short order the shuttle dropped me off in a parking lot wherein I was to catch a Lynx public transport bus to Magic Kingdom.  When a  bus is the only option available, you take it (and secretly wish there was a Metro system).  I hadn’t realized how much DC has spoiled me in the area of public transport until that day because the Metro really doesn’t stop and buses do.  The bus ride took a little over an hour each way, and since I knew I would be going on rides, I kept the peripherals (books and electronic gadgets) to a minimum and had little to occupy the time.

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Humility and the Death Star: If you don’t build it, it can’t blow up on you.

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Humility.  If you’re honest with yourself you’ll admit you don’t like this word very much.  You might even admit that you hate that word; not just it’s meaning. but the spelling and sound of it too.  Chances are the feeling of loathing might come from more than just “It’s the word that lost me the school-wide spelling-bee in 4th Grade”  Forget using the word in a sentence; if a sentence were the center of the universe, this word is the farthest thing from it.  It conjures up images foreign to the 21st Century “culture of self-celebrity” we’ve created for ourselves.

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