Conscience, thy name is Ramona (and I don’t mean Flowers)

Growing up watching Disney’s Pinocchio – and presently watching shows like ABC’s Once Upon a Time – you’re presented with the idea that your conscience is a good thing, right?  The inner voice that keeps you on the strait and narrow, away from harm.  But what about when your conscience no longer sounds like Jimminy Cricket but rather the annoying voice of one Ramona Nowitzki?

Who is Ramona Nowitzki?  A physics department graduate student who appears in a season two episode of The Big Bang Theory.  Enamored with Sheldon and his work she takes it upon herself to become part of his life and alleviate him of all tasks that would get in the way of his achieving a Nobel Prize in Physics (a subject that comes up often in the series).  Before too long, Ramona chastises Sheldon for wanting to play paintball and Halo with the Leonard, Howard, and Raj; takes a Batman comic book away from him; glares at him for suggesting they watch Battlestar Galactica; and scolds him for hiding in the bathroom to play a handheld video game system (PSP if you’re wondering).  Sheldon just lets it all happen, partly because he doesn’t realize he’s being obsessed over and because he desires a Nobel Prize in Physics (or a Nobel Prize period) badly enough that he’s willing to endure all this.  Nevertheless, when Ramona asks to be included in the naming of Sheldon’s eventual accomplishment things all fall apart and Ramona is never heard from again.  It makes me wonder if Ramona had her own selfish goals from the outset, but a conscience can’t really do that, can it?

Something similar seems to happen these days anytime I want to just crash out and play video games; that little voice in my head starts telling me I have better things to do, like write.  I’ll be honest:  I often hate that voice, and not because it sounds like an annoying character from The Big Bang Theory.  Are there not moments when nothing can be better than questing through the land of Hyrule intent on vanquishing the evil known as Ganon?  Or grappling and gliding my way through some variation of Arkham as The Dark Knight as I hunt down a villainous gallery of infamous rogues?  Or rallying the gallant Autobots in defense of their homeworld as they seek to halt the destructive Decepticons?  Or sneaking and hacking my way through the cyber-punk future of the Deus Ex trilogy that owes it genesis to Blade Runner?   Apparently there aren’t…not anymore.

I also realize the irony of taking the time to collect all this and “write it down” instead of playing one of the aforementioned games; can’t my conscience sound like Ramona Flowers instead?  That’s a Ramona character I actually have an affinity for!

Who does your conscience sound like?

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