Delays, Lightcycles, and Metro Elevators

“What’s a Lightcycle?”  This isn’t how you’d expect a morning commute conversation to begin.  Nevertheless, a recent conversation I had with someone while traversing the the DC Metro system began with that query.

A few days ago I found myself on a DC Metro train and running ahead of schedule to get to work.  As I sat on the train, it slowed to a dead stop between familiar metro stations.  Generally I don’t pay attention to such travel inconveniences, as I normally have my nose in a book or I am wrapping my ears and mind around a recent Star Wars themed podcast from Rebel Force Radio.  On this particular morning neither of these things were happening so I noticed the slowdown.

The seconds ticked by and I found myself becoming slightly annoyed by the train having stopped; I had somewhere to be and wanted to arrive early.  It’s in that moment that my conscience sounded more like Yoda than Ramona Nowitzski in reminding me: patience you must learn.  As I exited the station and waited for the elevator to the “street” level at my stop – filled with individuals whose need for the elevator I question – a voice spoke up behind me:  “Excuse me, but what is a Lightcycle?”

For a split second I was confused; why is someone I don’t know asking me about a Lightcycle?  It’s then that I remembered the bumper sticker on the back of my chair:  “My other car is a Lightcycle”.  As the woman walked up to stand beside me, I did my best to explain that it’s from the Tron films and transition that to talking about the FENX and the design influences that Lightcycles have had on what I am often seen traversing the city in.  As often happens, I pulled up pictures from Facebook to show what the FENX is and the  amazed reaction ensued as I showed the pictures as we exited the elevator.  After directing her to places where she can learn more (like this blog) I wheeled away from the elevator with audio media ques from Starship Troopers on the brain (would you like to know more?).

Crossing the street, I reflected on the delays and inconveniences of reaching my destination that morning: where was that person coming from? Would that conversation have happened if the delays had not?  What is that “chance” meeting – and encountering further thoughts and ideas through the website and various video media – going to do for that woman; how will it encourage her?  I don’t know, but I am confident that something will, something I’ve said or written will likely speak to where she might be in life.  As Obi-Wan Kenobi once said “in my experience there is no such thing as luck”

Jon Acuff recently published a post wherein he talks about why people need to publish blogs – because often it’s not for the writer, it’s for the reader.  This encounter serves as further evidence to support what he is saying.

What unexpected opportunities did you have for your life to encourage someone this week?

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