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“You made me the coolest guy, yesterday” are not words one expects to hear at 7 am, much less 7 am on a work day.  Nevertheless, those words greeted me as I attended small group recently.  Puzzled, the look on my face likely said it all:  “What on earth did I do?”  As I sat down on a pew that looked much more at home in a Baptist church, not the second floor office space of a coffee house owned by a church that meets in theatres every weekend, my friend Pedro recounted the tale for me.

Apparently he was at a group event or bible study recently and he met a gentlemen who was very open about his love for Washington, D.C.  As a born and bred DC native, I’m sure Pedro agreed.  The man commented: “there’s always something happening; you turn around and there is always something new” as a preface to telling Pedro that he saw some guy driving around in a “rocket-pod” yesterday and it had a flag stacking out the back.  I can only imagine that Pedro’s reaction was similar to when Will Ferrell’s Buddy the Elf learns that Santa is coming to Macy’s:  “You saw the guy in the rocket car?  I know him, I KNOW him!  We’re in a church small group together.”

It reminded me somewhat of the essay on The Inner Ring by C.S. Lewis; Pedro was suddenly on the “inside” of something and it elevated who he was to those on the outside (albeit unintentionally).  Unbeknownst to me, I had elevated someone’s life just because they’re my friend.  I elevated someone’s life just by being me.

How does that work out spiritually?  Do we elevate Jesus just because people know us?  Do others have a positive idea of who Jesus is because they know who we are?

On a relational level, who do you elevate?  Who in your life is thought of better by others because they know you?

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