Holy Recklessness, Batman!

You’ve been called to a life of Holy Recklessness… – Andy Pisciotti

Almost five months ago I lost the job that I had on Capitol Hill for almost seven years, tomorrow I start a new job and with it a new chapter.  So you’d think that the night before I’d be thinking about the job that’s coming, right?  Nope, there are some pretty big unanswered questions with that anyway.  Instead, I’m trying to work through the implications of what my friend Andy Pisciotti said to me this afternoon.

What is Holy Recklessness, what does it look like?  I don’t know if there is an actual static definition that applies in all times at all places.  The first thing that came to mind was simply the scene in Empire Strikes Back wherein Yoda tells a young and frustrated Luke Skywalker:  “You are reckless“.  I don’t think that that’s it; Yoda sees recklessness as a negative trait and that’s certainly NOT how my friend meant it.  Reckless is defined as:  “marked by a lack of proper caution or careless of consequences”, and Andy pointed out some things that I’ve done in recent months that could be construed as “reckless”: running off to speak to students at a leadership camp with ten days notice, jumping off a telephone poll (in part “because it’s there”), and sharing my story just days after the news that I would lose my job in Congress.  In some of those things I certainly exhibited a lack of proper caution and was somewhat careless of the consequences, but I think the important question is why; why did I do those things?

The answer lies in the truth that those actions weren’t about me.  I was in a place to be used by Someone in a unique way, and no matter what those actions did for me, the greater angle at play wasn’t about me: it was about a group of teenagers that needed to see that feat happen so that their faith in the Master of the Universe could be strengthened, it was about people sitting in theaters seats in DC for church last fall that needed to hear such a tale because it’s the mode through which their life might be touched and forever altered as a result of encountering what the Creator and Savior of humanity did for (and with) one life, one little boy.  I think the idea of Holy Recklessness is all about intent: why are you doing what you’re doing, and Who are you doing it for?  Doing things that don’t make sense, but doing them because there is a greater Purpose at work.

The job I start tomorrow is actually a decent example.  I never formally interviewed for it.  It’s something I never quite imagined doing.  I actually don’t know all the maneuvering that happened behind the scenes to make it possible, and I don’t exactly know what my job actually is.  As reckless as it may seem I’ll show up for orientation tomorrow and see where this leads, because chances are this isn’t about me anyway; as I’ve discovered, it never it…it’s always about others.

Is there anything in your life that might cause someone else to exclaim “Holy Recklessness, Batman!”?

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  1. Joshua Nixon

    Aaron! Hey man I NEVER get on facebook but tonight I did, saw the link to your blog, and now I’m reading this post!

    Number one, BRO, it’s been far too long but we need to catch up sometime! I’m sure lots happened on your end since we last spoke, as it has on mine. But I definitely want to stay in touch my man.

    Two, by this point (by the way, March 25th was the day you posted this, which is also my birthday!) you’ve started your new job – how is it?

    God bless you!

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