Luke Skywalker, The Joker, and the Path of Whispers

It isn’t ever day that you get to admit to the following:  I’m working with a documentary project involving  Luke Skywalker.  Last week I got to admit that for the first time, one of the hardest secrets I’ve ever kept in my 30 years.  How in the galaxy could something like this actually happen?  What sort of hyperspace lane had to be navigated to reach such a nexus of “geekwin”?  I simply call it “The Path of Whispers”.

The Path of Whispers is the road one finds themselves on when they begin to heed the Wisdom of the “still small voice” inside, often instructing to do things that don’t quite make sense.  Over the last few years, more than ever before, I’ve learned to listen to it and obey the promptings.  Listening to that Wisdom got me on national television to tell the story of a father/son relationship rarely seen in society today.  My obedience allowed me to confront my genesis moment in a hospital operating room last year and more than two years ago it led me to the story of Chris Rush.  I initially was skeptical of getting involved, thinking the editor of one of the highest rated shows on cable TV had no interest in help from someone clear across the country that he didn’t know; Zack, thanks for showing me how WRONG I was.

Last year, my brother and I had the privilege of attending a special “rough cut” screening of Go Far, Zack Arnold’s passion project that has become a big part of the legacy Chris left.  In the last nine months the project has moved forward and yesterday came the big news:  the film had found its narrator and it would be none other than Mark Hamill, the Jedi Master himself, Luke Skywalker.  When I found out last week, my little geek heart felt like it might burst.  You can’t really do better than Luke Skywalker to tell the story of a guy who loved “The Wars”, or a better voice than the man who gave Batman fans the best Joker we’ll ever know in Batman:  The Animated Series.

I believe in this story, it’s epic-ness, it’s inspiration, and am eager to see it told in full force.  In Batman Begins Bruce Wayne tells Alfred Pennyworth that “people need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy”.  Chris Rush was – and still is – one of those dramatic examples.  Someone who encounters Chris’s story can’t not be stirred by it.  While encountering Chris’s story may not change the whole world, I’d be willing to bet it changes yours.

As I’ve been involved with this project I’ve seen where my obedience along the “Path of Whispers” has taken me; where will your obedience take you?

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