More Than a Haircut

Sometimes life comes at you fast and you do unexpected things.  I never thought I’d ever write about a time that I got my hair cut, but sometimes in the midst of simple things much more is happening around me.

Over the last few years it’s become a “tradition” of sorts for me to get my hair cut when I travel to Michigan to visit family, in no small part because parents can still nag their children about things even when they’ve become “adults” (you can deny it all you like but you know it even happens to you).  As such, a recent trip home found me at the local Super Cuts (I wonder of Kal’El ever got his hair cut there…something tells me standard implements need not apply).  As I sat in the waiting area engrossed in a losing game of Star Wars Angry Birds on my tablet, a story began to emerge.

A young man in his twenties sits down a few feet away with the stylist and begins to explain to her that he is trying to find a particular funeral home in the area because someone close to him was killed in an auto accident the day before – involving semi-truck and whiteout conditions – the day before.  This hits my heart harder than normal because I’ve traveled home for the polar opposite sort of occasion, a wedding.  As I sit there and wonder if there is anything I can do, the still small voice that often puts me on the Path of Whispers says “you should pay for the  guy’s haircut”.  Great idea!  Unfortunately, as much as I would like to say that I was able to successfully act on such a prompting it didn’t work out. I wanted to do it on the sly with the help of one of the stylists, but they were all busy with customers.

A story like this should generally end there, right?  This one didn’t.  After the gentleman left – and I was waiting for my Dad to pick me up after running errands – a young lady walks in.  When she sits down with the stylist she explains that she wants her hair styled in such as way as to be able to show solidarity with her best friends who was recently diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer and undergoing chemo therapy, but still be able to look profession at work.  As I listened to this tale, another on the further opposite end of the scale to why I was in town, the same thought hit me like with the young gentlemen.  Once again, I’d like to say I was successful but I was not.  A busy staff combined with my ride showing up kept me from acting.

I take a small amount of comfort in knowing that I’m at least crafting a sensitivity to such stories and minding my surroundings for opportunities to be present in the lives of others, even if they don’t work out like I’d hoped.

What stories are happening around you that you need to pay attention to?

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