Moses: The Bible’s Dark Knight?

News has recently reverberated though the corridors of Hollywood that long-time director Ridley Scott (of Alien, Blade Runner, and Gladiator fame) wants to bring a biblical epic on Moses to the big screen.  What’s more, it’s been noted that he would like Christian Bale (Christopher Nolan’s Bruce Wayne) to play the title character.  Interestingly enough, there are similarities between the character Bale played – that made him a star – and the one that Ridley Scott wants him to play…

Both characters spend much of their young life surrounded by wealth and separated from their parents.  Moses is found by Pharaoh’s daughter and raised in his court, having escaped death at the hands of Pharaoh’s edict to commit infanticide against the people of Israel, the slaves he oppresses through fear.  Bruce Wayne loses his parents at the young age of eight, and somehow isn’t a third casualty of the actions of Joe Chill, his parent’s killer (likely because he possessed nothing of value and didn’t want to be branded a child-killer).  Moses leaves Egypt after killing someone and flees into the wilderness.  Bruce Wayne leaves Gotham after watching the killing of Joe Chill after a parole hearing and later  attempting to kill Carmine Falconi, the mob boss Chill was killed for ratting on.  The  cases of both Moses and Bruce Wayne, the time in the wilderness, away from what they had come to know, prepared them for their ultimate destiny: to return.  Additionally, both characters returned to their home to confront enemies whom were not always their enemies, who in fact had a role in bringing them up; for Moses, the new pharaoh and for Bruce, Ra’s Al Ghul.  Neither of these individuals did it alone; Bruce had Alfred, Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox and Moses had Aaron, Miriam, and Joshua (individuals who were familiar with the situation on the inside, as it had been happening).  Upon their respective returns to their homes, neither take up their quests weaponless:  Bruce has an array of gizmos and gadgets, while Moses has God’s ten plagues against Pharaoh.  Both return to their homes to free a people enslaved by fear, the Israelite by labor and punishment and Gotham via Scarecrow’s weaponized hallucinogen released by Ra’s,  only to have further troubles arise (the Joker for Batman and the Red Sea and Golden Calf fiasco for Moses…and that’s just for starters).

And then there’s the similarities between Moses and Superman…but that’s for another time.

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