My One Word: Dependence

A few months ago, I found myself fulfilling one of the smaller things in life I wanted to accomplish:  ride the new Star Tours (Star Wars) ride at Disney Hollywood Studios with my brother.  Having visited Disney World late last year to experience the ride, the circle just wasn’t complete without him there.  Over the course of the weekend in Florida, where I actually crossed path with a friend that I met at Disney last year, I found myself reflecting on where life was one year ago and much that had happened since.  A year ago the occupational component of my life went into a tail-spin as I got to see what a congressional scandal looks like from a vantage point that – while not first row and behind the class at center ice – was far closer than I ever wanted.  When the “situation couldn’t get worse” it did, twice over.   At one of the highest points of life, seeing 25 incredible teenage leaders be bequeathed the mantle of Reborn Ranger, one of the worst things happened:  my job was being taken from me and I was powerless to arrest that development.  I had shared with the Rangers about having spent 30 years learning how to be dependent, and now they were seeing me have to live it.

At the start of 2013, my pastor, Mark Batterson, shared with National Community Church his “word for the year” and that word is Selah; the idea prevalent in the Old Testament concerning rest in the midst of life.  I began considering what my word for the year might be and, considering everything I had been through in the last few months with losing the Capitol Hill job, unemployment, and all my leads drying up, I settled on Dependence.  In a way it’s an inevitable choice, considering how all the good things in my life I can’t take any credit for:  surviving accidents, hospital escapes, “dream jobs”,  piloting rocket cars, working on a project with Luke Skywalker, ect.  Pastor Mark actually preached on Selah a while back and served to remind me of my one word.

In the last few months – with little alternative but to BE dependent, unable to DO anything to alter my situation – I’ve just watched life unfold as I got a new job that is still being defined that I never formally interviewed for, a small group I lead is expanding to heights unknown, and a few weeks ago I faced my toughest speaking challenge yet:  three hours over three nights and I worked on the material for months.  It hasn’t been easy, but the Heavenly Father has been faithful in both honoring my dependence and preventing Luthor Syndrome from rearing its ugly head, which is always a clear and present danger.  I suspect that this word isn’t going to just be my word for the year, but a word for life.

What’s your “one word”?

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