Prayer and Computer Monitors

I once heard a story from Pastor Mark Batterson of National Community Church about a time when he knelt down at the gate of an awaiting flight and just prayed.  As he told it, even he thought it was a bit awkward and that he would look a bit foolish in doing so but he did it anyhow.  I never expected to have a similar moment of my own but, recently, I did.

For the last three to four years I’ve had various opportunities for different pieces and aspects of my life story to be told through video, radio, newspaper articles, and a handful of my own speaking opportunities in the last year and a half.  One of the things that’s yet to happen is to see a piece of it told on the printed page of a book.  Yesterday, that changed thanks to another individual who is on staff at National Community Church:  Heather Zempel.  Late last year, Heather asked if she could feature me as an opening illustration in one of the chapters of her new book Amazed and Confused:  When God’s Actions Collide With Our Expectations.  It’s Heather’s opportunity draw wisdom from the book of Habakkuk while hightlighting real-life stories of individuals she knows who have persevered when what God is doing doesn’t match what we think should be happening.

As part of the process, I had to read over and approve what’s written.  All I’ll say is that it’s very me or – to quote her husband Ryan – “you can’t talk about Welty without talking about Middle Earth, Narnia, comic books, and the Galaxy Far Far Away…”  As I was filling out paperwork to authorize use of the story, a thought struck me:  “You should put your hand on the screen and pray over what Heather wrote about you.”  What?!  The inner voice continued:  “You’re the one who talks about the idea of actually being the answer to the prayers of someone else through what you say, write, or do; what if this small tale amongst many, getting into the right hands at the right time, is EXACTLY that…an answer to the prayer of someone else?”  Wow.  I was a bit surprised but if I have learned anything about The Path of Whispers in the last few years:  the voice should be heeded and the path followed.  So I did; I stopped what I was doing and silently prayed over these words on a screen.  Prayed that they would be used for Kingdom purposes, and that they would get into the right hands at the right time; able to speak truth and life into situations where nothing else tried had worked.

I don’t know what the outcome(s) of that prayer will be, but I know there will be some (maybe many).  A small sample of outcomes Heather and I might actually get to hear about or see, but it doesn’t need to happen.  Nevertheless, if we do see or hear of the results, I can envision Revelation 12:11 folding over upon itself:  faith and understanding increased as a result of seeing the impact that sharing one’s own story had on someone else when the catalyst for such sharing was to see the faith and understanding of others emboldened and increased.  Confirmation that the Apostle John’s words can – and should – play out in real life.

How is your story impacting the lives of others?

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