Talking Wallets Can Make Your World Smaller

Did you know your wallet has the potential to tell stories that can make your world smaller?

I recently spoke at an event in Washington, DC – put on by National Community Church – about the topic of “make your world small” an idea born out of a poignant scene in the latest Superman film, Man of Steel.  It’s an idea that revolves around intentional focus on other people who are part of your sphere of influence; being generous with who you are for the sake of someone else.  What I never expected was to see two separate ideas from two different movies coalesces as a result of this speaking opportunity.

Just like the idea of “making your world small” comes from Man of Steel, the idea of The Talking Wallet comes from the recent remake of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  Walter receives a wallet from a friend inscribed with the motto of LIFE Magazine, the place where he works.  He is encouraged to listen to his wallet, to internalize the motto of LIFE and go on an adventure that is as much for him as a character as it is a macguffin for the film.

From this, I wondered:  “If Walter is told to listen to his wallet, then his wallet is trying to tell him something; it’s talking to him.  If wallets talk, what do they say; what stories do they hold?”    It got me thinking, “what does MY wallet say?”  and I began to think of the things in my wallet that have a history, like receipts from the Inklings pub in  Oxford, England and the Star Tours pass I got from a mysterious stranger.

If our wallets tell stories and say things about us, how does this work with making the world small via intentional investment in others?  Talking wallets give stories worth telling and help make the life we live interesting; they can show where we’ve been and what we’ve done, affect perception, and draw others into community.  Talking wallets can help us “go first”, making it easier and less awkward for others to show who they are.  It’s why I have an Star Wars Rebel Alliance X-Wing pilot wallet.  Right off you know where my franchise allegiance and my allegiance within the Galaxy Far Far Away lies and I know my fandom makes it easier for others to embrace their inner-geek once they find me (I don’t know how but they find me).

How does your wallet help make your world small?

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