The Death of New Year’s Resolutions…

It is January, the start of a new year.  Time to make that New Year’s Resolution, right?  Time to resolve to “get fit”,”save money”, or some other vague pie-in-the-sky idea, right?  Wrong.  I was never really big on making New Year’s Resolutions, and I’ll probably never make another one ever again (even Cookie Monster hates ’em).  It isn’t so much that a majority of people fail, but that I found something better.

So what’s this better thing?  It’s called “30 Days of Hustle” courtesy of that funny guy who sells a lot of books, Jon Acuff.  Instead of some resolution like “Read all of the Philosophy and Popular Culture books you own in 2014 (for the record I own 30+)” goals are broken down into one-month time frames.  Further, Jon sends out encouragement – and ideas – each day and provides a space for fellow “hustlers” to communicate.  This way, goals can change and be revised each month.

Therefore, instead of resolving to read them all in one year, I’ll attempt to read at least three in a month (that way I should finish them by Halloween 2014).

What do you want to hustle for this month?

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