The Evergreen Tavern moment…

In my favorite novel – This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti –  Bernice Kruger and Marshall Hogan, the reporter and editor of the local paper, find themselves victims of mysterious engine trouble in the small town of Baker.  While stranded in Baker, Bernice walks over to the Evergreen Tavern and chances to meet Kevin Weed: a frequently drunk and semi-employed logger, who is the former classmate and boyfriend of Bernice’s sister’s roommate, Susan Jacobson a character who later holds the answers to an unresolved murder case in which Bernice’s sister was the victim).  Long story short, Weed becomes a critical character as the plot unfolds from that point.  After that meeting, Marshall’s station wagon starts right up, the previous engine trouble having mysteriously vanished.

A little less than a week ago, I had what I can only describe as a moment similar to what the above characters experienced in the small town of Baker.  As I was driving the FENX from the weekly, early morning, small-group meeting I decided to take a stroll down to the park at the Navy Yard.  During the return trip along the Navy Yard boardwalk, the engine in the FENX mysteriously stopped.  In moments like this, panic can quickly set in – on top of feeling like you’re living one of the Anakin Skywalker pod-racing scenes from Star Wars Episode I:  The Phantom Menace – so I immediately ran through a mental checklist of how this could have happened.  Was it the key?  Was it a battery issue?  Do I need to reset the fuse (I’ve had that one happen before, in more inconvenient situations than the one I currently found myself in)?  It wasn’t any of them.  As I began to resign myself to the reality that I might have to push the FENX home – five blocks away – a voice asked me if I needed any help.  As I looked up, an older gentlemen – probably my dad’s age – stood before me with a screwdriver in his hand (the same one I had just pulled out of the trunk).

The stranger informed me that he worked at the Navy Yard, and the woman who had walked by a few minutes earlier – unable to assist me in my technical crisis – was a colleague of his.  As we talked, and simultaneously began removing the FENX’s seat to get to the battery connectors, he told me his name was Don and I began telling him the story of the FENX; what had come before and what may be yet to come.  Having checked all the wires and battery connections and confirming everything was in the green, Don suggested we try the controls again and see what happens.  Surprisingly, the FENX moved.  Simultaneously I was surprised, thankful, and puzzled all in the same moment.  As we reassembled the FENX’s seat I shared with Don the stories of some of the media opportunities that I’ve had with the FENX and various parts of the story that the vehicle fits into, including the video for NCC from last fall (and that this site was a good launch point to find the various media pieces if he was interested.

Within a few minutes I was ready to be on my way back home as I thanked Don for his help and climbed back into the FENX.  As I drove away I kept wondering why the engine trouble happened; why then, why there, why at all?  As I was pondering this question a still small voice in the back of my mind simply uttered two words:  Evergreen Tavern. In other words, I was supposed to meet Don; I don’t know why, just that I was.  As I continued the drive home, I couldn’t help but smile:  I’d lived another moment from my favorite book.

What’s your “Evergreen Tavern Moment”?

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