The FENX 4.0, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, and the White House

Greetings after the cockpit!  While on my routine test route this morning (Chinatown, the National Mall, Union Station) I got the bright idea to see how the handicapped ramp up to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum would handle the FENX 4.0.  Surprisingly, the attempt turned out quite well – not to mention how giddy I was at the thought of actually going inside the Museum with the FENX 4.0.  Unfortunately I haven’t attempted that, yet.  (It might happen tomorrow morning actually).  My dad has the genius idea of me making a donation to the museum – driving in, making the donation, and then leaving – if they don’t let me in.  We’ll see.  I’d love to get a picture of me with the FENX 4.0 and Spaceship One actually.  I still marvel at people’s reactions, at least the ones I pay attention to when I can afford a split second of not concentrating of driving the machine.  It was a good test run, I am still looking at a solid three hours running time on a charge, probably more actually.  More tomorrow after I try and get into the building.

Riding towards eternity,


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