The FENX and the Father…

As I was driving to church recently I pondered what I might do if someone asked me if they could buy the FENX from me.  The obvious answer is “no” – unless there was was a sizable amount of money involved –  but even then I know I would be hesitant.    I started to think about the source of the hesitancy.  First off, the FENX is awesome; who else gets to drive an electric rocket/lightcyle/X-wing cockpit on wheels? Second, I actually need it:  it helps me get around town safely like nothing else can do (as my accident near the Capitol Building this week attests to).  Most importantly though, is where the FENX came from: my Dad made it, for me.  The source of it’s worth isn’t the impression I or others have of it.  The source isn’t even it’s utility and function – what it actually helps me do.  The source is the fact that Dad built it, and everything that went into building it as an expression of love and understanding to meet a legitimate need I had/have.  The creator imparted value to the creation just by act of creating.  As I said in the the NBC video years ago “that car is a constant reminder of my father’s love for me; there is so much love in that car

It’s actually a great terrestrial reflection of how the Heavenly Father operates too, in expressing the value of something just by creating it.  While talents, abilities, and superpowers are great – and can rightly (or wrongly) reflect worth in society – ultimately it is the Creator who imparts value to an individual, not the ability to morph or mutate to fit a societal mold.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Where do you find your worth; in the Creator or elsewhere?

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  1. elizabeth

    So happy to see you speak such undeniable and clear truth: The Creator expresses the value of something just by creating it. Years ago, back at our church in Michigan, I taught my daughters Melissa and Jessica the very powerful truth that there are no “accidental” people – even those conceived out of wedlock are planned from eternity past by the Creator. Somehow, He works beyond our sin and creates intentionally – our son is a high school senior this year. I’ve always remembered your comment to Melissa, and am so glad to see how God has expanded your understanding of His transcendent will over the years. God bless you, Aaron, as you continue to grow and serve Him!

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