The Legion of Overcomers

To the one who is victorious I will give…that person a white stone with a new name written on it; known only to the one who receives it” – Revelation 2:17

At Christmas, we celebrate the Christ Child.  On Good Friday we celebrate the crucified Christ and the Resurrection two days later.  That Sunday, the Sunday that altered the Sabbath,  tends to be the closest many come to celebrating the crowned Christ and his coronation.  This is the “One like the Son of Man” that John writes of in Revelation 1-2.  This is the One who officiates what some old friends of mine called the White Stone Gathering.

This is the Christ that writes in Revelation 2:17 of the Overcomers given the white stone.  This isn’t the child Christ  It isn’t JUST the crucified Christ, but the crucified and resurrected One Who has been crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  This One is risen, royal, ruling, exalted, and triumphant over the forces of evil, sin, and death.

What does He give?  Among several things mentioned in Revelation 2-3, a  white stone.  While this may not sounds like much, it was once an ancient custom to give a white stone to those who had been acquitted in trial and a black stone to those condemned.  Not only a stone white, pure, and blameless, but a stone with an inscription on it; a NEW name.    Not just any NEW name, but a name only known to the One who bestowed it and the one who receives it.  A  NEW, special, unique, designation; a secret identity, a glorified “rule of two” as it were – the Creator and the creature.   A unique moniker to accompany the glorified “super suit” that is a resurrected body on the other side of space and time.

In a broken world, filled with difficulty and weary with pain more often then we’d care to admit, I want that; therein is the legion of “supers” I’d throw in with.  More than Avengers, more than a League (of Justice, Assassins, or otherwise), more than Incredibles or a futuristic legion inspired by the Last Son of Krypton; because they overcame (by the Blood of Jesus and the word of their story).  Steve Rogers could learn a thing or two from heroes who know how to toss a shield of faith like these folk.

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