There and Back Again: A Welty Quest, Part II


As I sat down on this rock, my bag of materials beside me, I stared out at the horizon, lost in time as the surf hit the beach, white bubbles greeting golden unmolested sand.  I found myself looking back in time, to the last time I was here at this place – one year ago…

So many questions then, many of them still existing today.  On that day I sat on this rock, one big thing looming over me like a monstrous presence; what’s next?  This much I knew:  camp would end soon, and this small warrior had no direction, no immediate direction anyway.  I was well aware of that which the Father had written in the very depth of my soul, what the future would hold, but in the immediate I had no concept of how.  The logistics of how I would get to Washington DC, the place I wanted to be for so many years made no sense.  It wasn’t that I had the pieces and couldn’t put them together, the pieces weren’t even there.  As I sat there, the wind going as it pleased, swaying the leaves and bending the grass, a tear in my eye and a yearning in the soul because of the heaviness of such a presence, I just asked questions, getting them out there and attempting to trust the One who fulfills the desires of the heart, that they would be dealt with and answered.  As I pondered these I began to delve into the world and language of the Founders, the “Ancient Ones” who give us the seeds of what we have today in America, realizing that it is our pruning and care-taking job that has changed things, not the seeds.  Such great men, and I wanted the chance to be like them, but it was a chance I couldn’t see coming, and I had to come to grips with that; be at peace if that isn’t what the Father wanted…but I wanted it so bad, I knew it was part of me…

Sitting on that rock, one year later, I found myself awed and amazed as I thought about what it was I desired for so long, and one year later, it had long begun.  As the surf continued to crash against the sand, and I found myself reading some of the same books, the same as then, wanting still to be like the Great Men of old…I became overwhelmed with the idea of what the last year had contained: experiences and lessons that I wouldn’t give for the world.  One year later I found myself amazed that I really was at that place, totally undeserving of it, yet given it – not only because of the love of a Father, but because He seeks to use one so broken, battered, and small for His purposes and His alone; I sat dumbfounded, with tears in my eyes, just floored…

…and now, 7+ years after that day…I am back in that place, not knowing what is next or how it will happen, but unable to go back to who I was then…this Quest has been a long one and it is far from over.

The wind goes wherever it pleases, you cannot tell where it is coming from or where it is going, so it is with the Spirit – John 3

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Author, Speaker, and Super Nerd. Aaron Welty speaks and writes regularly connecting the dots of life, faith, and science fiction. Originally from Michigan, he now lives and works in the Washington, D.C. Metro area.

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