This. Is. Bravery.

Meet Karissa Marcum, one of the bravest people I know.  She and I met when she was a media writer for the House of Representatives a few years ago.  She was asked to interview me for a report that was being done on handicapped accessibility in the Capitol.  Over the course of our discussion we realized we both went to the same church, National Community Church and knew some of the same people.  As I got to know her and share my own story with her, I never expected that she might share her story with me.  Nevertheless, I discovered the amazing things that can happen when someone is willing to step out and “go first”.

This past weekend at NCC she shared her story to an audience for the first time, a story that isn’t easy to hear, but a story that is, in essence, the message of Easter.

This is Karissa, and she is brave.

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