Trial and Community: The Saga Continues…

When we last left our intrepid heroes…

Moving down hallway, only stare at ceiling.  Similar questions.  How did it happen?  FENX!  They don’t understand?  Phone. Facebook. Picture.  Not working.  Max is trying now, success.  Shock and amazement:  “You got hit in THAT?  Can I have one?”  Mind jumps to  Leia in Star Wars:  “You came here in that?!  You’re braver than I thought!”  3…2…1…hospital bed now.  Young doctor trying to talk to me; better than Dr. Allen at Shriners…

Everything works, nothing broken.  Just pain.  Distraction:  Phone.  Max talking to…Mom?  “Max, give me the phone; I’ll handle this.”  “Hi, Mom.”  Short sentences.  Just make sure she knows you’re ok.  Hang up.  Text from Dad:  “make sure they look for NEW brain damage”.  Text from Scherbatsky, something about “not having to prove he’s Superman…”  More pain; gosh my head hurts.

Max is gone, something about getting a ride home.  He returns with news:  Ash is picking us up.  Wheelchair.  Outside. Into car.  Britt on speakerphone…driver was super-villain minion, hunting me, failed.  Back to the Sanctum.

Nate is here?  He and the cops escorted the FENX back to the Sanctum on a long-bed truck?!  A police escort?!  Woah.  FENX still runs; she’s battered but alive, a hero in her own right…safely home.

In the absence of my parents, these friends sprang into action without hesitation to make sure that I was cared for in the midst of crisis.  This is what community is supposed to do, how it’s supposed to function.  Later that evening, once my parents had arrived, these friends showed up with dinner and to meet my family…and it went a long way in assuring them I was taken care of when they were too far away to do it.

For better or worse, sometimes it takes crisis and trial for community to shine; it lends weight to Heather Zempel’s assertion that Community is Messy.

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