Trial and Community

No one wakes up on a given morning thinking that they’ll be a focal point, a lightning rod, for action.  You don’t think you’ll be the conduit through which community is displayed in a powerful way.  It’s certainly not expected shortly after you tell a small group of men that one of the ways that community is evident is when members allow their lives to be interrupted because another needs them.  Nevertheless, life has a way of being ironic.

It came so fast.  One minute I was driving to work after meeting with with a handful of guys for our bi-weekly accountability breakfast at Ted’s Bulliten and then I was crossing the crosswalk at Independence and New Jersey; it’s always the crosswalk.  How I have yet to develop a debilitating fear of them is a mystery.  I started across the crosswalk and the white car was coming…it kept coming.  Would it stop?  It wasn’t.  As the hit came I thought:  “This?  Again?!  I’ve done this before!  It’s broad daylight, how was I not seen?!”  The hit came.  The FENX moved with me inside…and then the spin, tumble, and fall.  I was on my side as the canopy popped open and I fell out part way.

Hands, grabbing me; what’s going on?  This is Capitol Police, right?  It was.  Someone has my head and trying to talk to me.  One of the armrests of the FENX is dislodged and the battery is exposed, just hanging there by wires; she’s hurt, she saved my life…again.  My legs can still move.  My head really hurts; they’re asking for ID, right pocket.  A new voice, I move my head:  Max?  How did Max get here?  Is that Abbey?  Max is talking now, asking me what he should do.  I grab my phone:  “Max, call my Dad, just my Dad”.

Cops are talking again, questions about Cerebral Palsy and drugs, allergens; codeine, always codeine.  Sirens; guess they called an ambulance; this deal is getting worse all the time, poor Lando.  Max can’t reach Dad.  Sirens are closer.  A board?  Flat on my back.  That neck brace thing is like the reverse of Vader’s helmet; is Max the Admiral Piett of the scenario?

Stretcher. Ambulance.  Max is here. EMTs and more questions.  ID. Codine, Cerebral Palsy.  Same conversation over again,  Mind wandering.  Star Wars.  Yoda. Dagobah. Hymns.  “I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus name” – that was proving true in this moment.  My head still hurts.  More Star Wars:  “You will know when you are calm, at peace…”.  I wonder if this ever happened to Professor X, wait…that’s me, so yes.  Out of the vehicle, into the hospital…


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