TV Episodes as Real Life: Meeting Cody

Last week I blogged about my adventure to Disney Hollywood Studios to ride the upgraded version of the Star Wars ride, Star Tours.  As I was slowly making my way round the park I found myself wondering if I would run into anyone I knew (after it happens to you in Times Square you begin to think it could happen anyplace).  It didn’t quite happen as I expected it to, but rather reminded me of someone I’ll be visiting later this week.

After a long afternoon of navigating Disney Hollywood studios, and confirming for a fellow bus rider that she was indeed hearing “Duel of the Fates” on a Disney Transport bus, I waited a good while for the proper Lynx bus to arrive so that I could start my hour long journey back to the airport to catch the shuttle to my hotel.  Upon arrival of the bus, I boarded and sat down, slightly disappointed that I didn’t run into anyone I knew during my Star Wars adventure.  As I sat down, I looked to my left and saw a young man reading Darth Plagueis (a Star Wars novel that supplies the background on Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine).  I had to do a split -second double take because I thought it was someone I knew, one Hans Kokx; a friend I often visit in Michigan when I travel there.  In fact, it wasn’t Hans, but as the passenger was clearly a fan of “The Wars” – and reading one of the better entries in the Star Wars Expanded Universe – I had to talk with him about it.

His name is Cody and he works as a Skipper for the Jungle Cruise ride at Magic Kingdom (you know the one, even Strong Bad knows about it).  We got to talking about what he really want to do and it turns out his dream is to be an animator for Pixar.  Before too long we were talking about what it takes to accomplish such a feat and how the impossible can become possible as I shared my story with him and told crazy tales of the single real-life lightcycle that I know, The FENX.  It’s always fascinating to me to talk about destiny and purpose with others because you never know what that conversation might do for the other individual.  I mentioned to him how important it is for him to follow that dream he has, because chances are if he does, he’ll be working on projects that will have a lasting impact on countless others; much like Disney films like The IncrediblesBolt, and Tron Legacy have had an impact on me.

The entire encounter was probably only 30 minutes out of my day of adventure, but it was one of those things that confirmed in the moment that I was right where I was supposed to be.  Furthermore, I may one day discover that it was a lollipop moment for a young, aspiring animator-to-be.

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