What do you “make boring”?

“You make walking look boring!” – a middle school student from Naples, FL visiting DC

A few days ago my Dad brought the FENX back to DC after a many month hiatus to do repairs and add some “special modifications”.  Since then I’ve been spending large swaths of the last few days doing shake down tests as I drive around DC.   Today was no different , as I made my way down the National Mall and back to test the overall range and speed of the vehicle.

On my return trip, I met a few students who were visiting DC from Naples, FL.  As often happens, I stopped to talk with the students, answer questions, and tell a bit of the tale of the FENX.  In the midst of the conversation, one of the students just looks at me and exclaims “you make walking look boring!”. Momentarily taken aback by the comment, I thought about it and simply responded:  “Isn’t that part of the point?”  The student looked at me confused so I tried to clarify:  “If you meet me and hear a small part of my story, part of what the FENX is and why it exists, and you’re response is ‘you make walking look boring’ then I’ve done my job.  I’ve just made the thing that I can’t do as well as you can, the thing you take for granted, less exciting to you than being someone who is in need of the technology I’m using.  I’ve done my job by making you see things in a new way, seeing the value of a life that culture says is of less worth than yours”

I didn’t set out to do that, I hardly ever do, but it happens.  Moreover, the young man reached that conclusion on his own without realizing he had done so;  a day’s work done in ten minutes – Inception achieved.

What in your life makes others take a second look at their own; what’s SO exciting about how you live that makes others wish they had it?

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